construction sciences celebrating 30 years

Celebrating 30 Years!

Last Thursday we acknowledged our longest serving employee, Christopher Pearce, with a celebration dinner at the Continental Cafe in New Farm.

Chris has been with the company since 1990, when he managed a Beilby project laboratory for David Bowler. Soon after, Chris established the first Bowler Geotechnical franchise in North Brisbane. Chris has managed the testing for a vast number of projects over the years. Some of his more iconic infrastructure projects were the Gateway Upgrade, the Port of Brisbane, and the Brisbane Airport.

His background and knowledge in Australian Standards, TMR standards and laboratory systems has allowed him to continue as the Senior Laboratory Manager of the North Brisbane branch for the past 30 years, where he does everything from field and lab testing, to managing clients and tendering for major projects. Chris is renowned for his selflessness and this is best demonstrated in his continual efforts to train and develop his staff members.

Chris, from all the Construction Sciences team, we thank you for your milestone 30 years of service.