Our history

Since our humble beginnings spanning over two decades ago, our journey has seen us continuously evolve into the multi-disciplined company we are today. Over the years we have expanded our services to better serve the construction community, and have proudly grown to an established team of over 900 throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Our technical skills, combined with our local knowledge, has positioned us as a valuable asset amongst the planning and delivery of a construction project, and our clients advocate our down to earth, collaborative approach and our genuine interest in assisting their needs.


Bowler Geotechnical

David Bowler establishes a construction materials testing (CMT) firm providing geotechnical engineering support, in Brisbane, Australia.


Bowler Geotechnical

Through a franchise business model, the firm experiences strong growth and becomes specialists in major infrastructure projects. Environmental consulting is also introduced as a service.


Cardno Bowler

Cardno Limited acquires and rebrands the firm.


Cardno Construction Sciences

The brand is further refined and acquires Geotech Materials Testing Services, a market-leading CMT provider in WA.


Cardno Construction Sciences

Acquisition of Cardno Utility Engineering Group (formerly Australian Underground Services).


Cardno Construction Sciences

Expansion to the US after winning the Corpus Christie LNG project with Bechtel. The firm also obtains all Australian Holcim testing facilities under a National Supply Agreement.


Construction Sciences

Progresses to become a separately managed portfolio company owned by Cardno. Acquires Network Geotechnics, a CMT and geotechnical firm in NSW.


Construction Sciences

Acquisitions of Trilab; a specialised market leader in soil and rock testing, and SureSearch; a utilities management and coordination provider based primarily in NSW.


Construction Sciences

The company demerges from Cardno and becomes part of Intega Group Ltd. Also acquires Brisbane based petrographic analysis firm, Geochempet.


Construction Sciences

Intega is delisted from ASX and acquired by Kiwa. Now known as Kiwa Group Pty Ltd.

Our People

At Construction Sciences we value our people, which is why we have some of the most experienced in the industry as part of our team. Our long history in both metropolitan and regional areas has allowed us to retain these key staff, many of which are now within our leadership team.

Darren RokeskyGMO - Professional Services

As a director of Construction Sciences, Darren’s role has developed from his 27 years of management experience and engineering background. With an eye for spotting opportunities, Darren continuously compels the company forward through business goals and strategies. His background in geotechnical engineering and history with Construction Sciences means he can apply his first hand knowledge of the industry whilst maintaining a respected following from his peers.

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Gerard MidgleyInterim GMO - Construction Materials Testing

Starting with the company in 1993, Gerard holds decades of construction materials testing knowledge including soils, aggregates and concrete. As Interim GMO, Gerard is responsible for the business development and strategy for Construction Sciences operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. Gerard is also Executive Director of Kiwa Group Pty Ltd (Australia and North America).

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Michael MidgleyGMO - Construction Materials Testing

With over 30 years experience in all aspects of Construction Materials Testing, Michael is a highly experienced division manager responsible for over 20 regional laboratories and over 300 staff. Michael approaches everyday with a laugh, and his jolly attitude is something that motivates his staff to do well everyday.

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Lucy CourtneyHealth, Safety & Environment

With her background in law, Lucy has a thorough approach to upholding Health, Safety & Environment standards throughout our businesses. Constantly reinforcing our safety programs allows us to can stay on top of policies and risk assessments, keeping the team efficient and streamlined.

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Ray ChappellQuality & Training

With over 30 years of CMT experience under his belt, Ray is a key contributor to the quality of service that Construction Sciences provides. His strong focus on compliance, auditing and innovation has allowed for the ongoing advancement of quality control standards within the business. Ray shows commitment when it comes to development of new competencies required for training, auditing and assessment purposes.

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Dale NorwoodSoftware Development

Dale is head of Software Development and is responsible for creating our custom Windows based Laboratory Information System (LIMS) software built specifically for Construction Materials Testing. His background in both CMT and software development brings together his unique knowledge of the two industries and forms insights for the types of applications he now develops for different facets of the business.

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Gerard CourtneyFinance

As head of Finance, Gerard has a strong focus on providing deliverables to our businesses and clients in a timely manner. With his project management and analyst background, Gerard strives to educate and guide his team to adopt innovative strategies that benefit the financial year ahead. Prior to this field, Gerard also started out as a CMT technician with the company.

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Ashley NealICT

With over 20 years experience in providing ICT solutions, Ashley delivers strong leadership and project management skills throughout each of his services. Throughout the business, his team keeps the communication and collaboration between staff and clients running smoothly.

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Our Safety

We strive to conduct our business in a way that protects our people and clients from harm, with so far more than 3000 hazards eliminated.

Our Construction Sciences Health and Safety Management System is accredited to ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety), which is our commitment to raising awareness & implementing safety systems, to maintain zero harm in the workplace.

Our global incident management system, Safety Mate, is relied upon to report all hazards, incidents and near misses. This application allows all staff to participate in creating a safer workplace.

Our quality

At Construction Sciences, quality is a priority that we don’t compromise. Our mission is to provide quality outcomes for all of our services, whilst ensuring safety is continuously upheld and developed. Our Quality Management System is certified to AS/NZ ISO 9001 and is implemented through the following key strategies:

  • Meeting our clients needs as we comply with all of their project requirements.
  • Strict adherence to our QMS based on the requirements of ISO9001. We focus on customising solutions for our clients needs, whilst minimising risk first and foremost.
  • Recruitment and retention of the right qualified people, with proven work skills.
  • Enhancing the professional development of our staff.
  • Leadership styles that promote positive attitudes, personal and technical development, and rewards for effort, integrity and initiative.
  • Maintaining our SAI Global Certification ISO 9001, ISO 45001, AS/NZ ISO 14001, and NATA AS ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories.

Our Quality Assurance software is a custom made system, allowing us to deliver fast, industry standard testing at the highest level.

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