Geotechnical Engineering

We work with you to provide comprehensive reporting on the design, analysis and construction
of your site.

Our Geotechnical Engineers are specialists at solving ground related problems with optimal construction solutions.

Based on our local knowledge, we can investigate and monitor ground conditions, respond rapidly to infrastructure defects and execute detailed designs that display a high commitment to buildability.

During the construction phase our team can give guidance on source materials, in-situ testing and temporary works design & certification.

From the outset of your project, we can offer advice that analyses risk, buildabilty, cost effectiveness and sustainability.


  • Temporary works
  • Material searches
  • Geotechnical investigations
  • Road pavement design
  • Deep excavation assessments
  • Slope stability assessments
  • Ground improvement
  • Specification advice
  • Erosion & sediment control management
  • Geotechnical instrumentation & monitoring
  • Soft soil reclamation conditions


  • Land development
  • Highway construction
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Multi-storey buildings/basements
  • Deep excavations
  • Bridges, wharves
  • Railway infrastructure
  • LNG infrastructure
  • Bridge construction
  • Dams

Design Work

  • Pavements
  • Fill embankments
  • Temporary & permanent hard stands
  • Roller compacted concrete (dams)
  • Remediation work for dwellings
  • Soft soil improvement
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Retaining wall

Where the earth lies, so do our solutions

When designing and constructing infrastructure, it is imperative to study and understand the relationship between the infrastructure and the underlying and surrounding ground conditions. That’s where we come in – with over 29 years of Geotechnical Engineering experience, we can read, monitor and predict what lies beneath the surface.

During the construction phase of a building project, we provide advice on source materials, in-situ testing as well as design & certification of temporary works. Our engineers use a suite of methods to determine geotechnical parameters including Plate Load Testing (PLT), Light Weight Falling Deflectometer Testing (LWFD), Panda in-situ penetrometer tests, and many others. We provide modelling, design and certification of temporary and final cut batter and fill batter stability, hard stand design for safe crane lifting and machine stability, and design of temporary pavements. From the outset of your project, our engineers will work with you to provide comprehensive geotechnical engineering reports to meet project objectives in line with the desired design life.

When it comes to geotechnical solutions, our clients trust us in solving ground related problems while considering risk, constructability, cost effectiveness and sustainability. With our industry knowledge, we can:

  • Identify and manage geotechnical problems through innovative geotechnical design.
  • Respond rapidly to situations which arise on existing infrastructure as a consequence of geotechnical defects.
  • Investigate and monitor ground conditions and three dimensional movements.
  • Develop a buildable detailed design which considers constructability and sequencing.
  • Provide construction support and project sign-off.
  • Provide scientifically sound data and correlations to support specification variations.

Ryan LeesonArea Manager

Ryan’s 8 years as a Geotechnical Engineer has seen him work across a number of offices in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland and gain experience in the geology and local standards of each state. Ryan's work has involved providing geotechnical support to numerous projects of varied size and scope across both the public and private sector. In his role he has assumed the responsibility of managing projects from start to finish including; scoping, estimating and scheduling of works, project management, preparation and review of safety documentation, construction support, site investigations, coordination of subcontractors, piling inspections, batter inspections, temporary works design and inspection, bearing capacity assessments, geomorphological mapping, slope modelling, remedial design and factual, interpretive and design reporting. Ryan’s latest role has been the project management of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing (TSRC) Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Package for Nexus Delivery. In this role Ryan has managed the procurement, installation, monitoring and reporting of over 350 geotechnical instruments in a role liaising directly with the project delivery team. His experience lies in the technical specifications, installation, monitoring and data interpretation of the following instruments; inclinometers (both manual and in place), vibrating wire piezometers (single and nested), crack meters, hydrostatic profile gauges, extensometers (rod and spider), settlement plates, as well as a number of other survey based monitoring instruments.

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Edem BerdiePrincipal Geotechnical Engineer

Edem has over 40 years' experience of geotechnical engineering in Ghana, Papua New Guinea and North Queensland. He has completed research at the University of Melbourne, as well as taught at the PNG University of Technology. His particular areas of expertise include as follows: - Reinforced earth, rock bolt and earth retention system design - Slope drainage and failed slope rehabilitation - Deep foundation design and construction supervision - Road pavement design (mechanistic and CIRCLY) - Heavy duty mine haul road and airfield pavement investigation and design - Pavement materials investigation and evaluation - Evaluation and use of marginal pavement materials - Bridge foundation investigation and design - Ground investigation, foundation analysis and design - Stability analysis and geotechnical design over steep grounds - Ground improvement and design over soft soils - Geotechnical numerical modelling - Management of geotechnical consulting practice

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David StirlingPrincipal Geotechnical Engineer

David is a Principal Geotechnical Engineer with over 25 years' experience providing geotechnical consultancy services and solutions across a wide range of projects. David has managed and provided expertise and comprehensive reports on a variety of geotechnical developments involving slope stability analyses, soft soils, soil liquefaction, sediment and erosion control, contamination, acid sulfate soils, retaining wall systems, effluent disposal, house footings and dam wall design, settlement analyses, pile design, cracked house investigations, etc. The types of projects David has been responsible for include major water pipeline infrastructure, road and railway bridges, high rise buildings, residential and commercial estates, schools, telecommunication towers, mining infrastructure, dams, quarries and sports fields. David has worked in numerous areas throughout Queensland as well as Papua New Guinea and been involved in projects in New South Wales and Victoria.

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Richard KingNational Technical Lead

Richard has completed geotechnical and/or environmental investigation and design studies associated with more than 2000 sites covering residential, commercial, industrial and public projects throughout the Sydney Basin (Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong) and Northern Territory. Particular experience with flexible and rigid pavements, assessment of pavement and civil construction materials including the use and specification of marginal quality or non standard pavement materials, AS2870 classification, deep and shallow footing systems, slope stability assessment and landslip remediation. Completed projects include inter-city pipelines, large and small earth dams, multi story office towers, highway, railway and airport construction and hundreds of kilometres of urban roads.

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Vipul De SilvaPrincipal Geotechnical Engineer

With his background in research & development, senior management and engineering, Vipul has over 40 years of industry experience throughout Australia and Sri Lanka. His major project experience includes projects like Shell Cove Marina & Integrated Commercial & Residential Development (Stage 1 & 2), and the Port Botany New Container Terminal and Bulk Liquid Berth. Vipul’s key geotechnical skills include project management, large scale earthworks, pavement investigation and design (road and industrial), soft soil management, slope instability risk assessment and remediation, investigation and design of footings for large residential and commercial buildings and application of commercial geotechnical software for design.

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Morgan MidgleySenior Geotechnical Engineer

Morgan is a chartered professional engineer (CPEng and REPQ) who has extensive experience in managing geotechnical investigation projects of all sizes, from the proposal phase through to the detailed design phase. His background in planning and management of projects with complex designs and large scale, linear infrastructure projects, spans the Brisbane and regional Queensland areas. Morgan is versed in geotechnical analysis and design of soft soil projects, including land reclamation for ports & airports, designs for various linear infrastructure for both rail and highway. His capabilities include; delivering slope stability assessments, geotechnical foundation designs (for both deep and shallow footings), settlement analysis, ground improvement design and construction certification.

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Sammy KwokPrincipal Geotechnical Engineer

Sammy has 15 years' experience as a consulting engineer specialising in providing geotechnical and pavement engineering services and solutions for a wide range of civil and mining infrastructures, residential, commercial and industrial developments. His client base ranges from private individuals to major mining companies, federal government, local governments as well as joint venture alliances with other leading consulting and construction companies. Sammy is driven to provide and explore cost saving solutions with clients and is flexible in collaborative work with other engineering disciplines with a strong focus in business developments. Sammy is experienced in providing project management and the delivery of detailed geotechnical and pavement design packages from planning to final completion. His expertise includes the design and optimisation of various types of geotechnical structures such as soil nail wall/embankment, soldier/contiguous pile walls, RSS wall, gravity walls (i.e. concrete reinforced wall, boulder wall, gabion wall etc), micropile system, anchor and bolt design for slope remediation work. Sammy has extensive involvement in planning, coordinating and managing various types of geotechnical investigation projects providing expertise and comprehensive reports on a variety of small to large scale projects. Much of Sammy's experience is within the Southeast Queensland but he has also been involved in projects in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia, Northern Territory, as well as overseas in Papua New Guinea.

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Pramod ThakurPrincipal Geotechnical Engineer

Pramod is a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) with over 15 years of experience in the field of geotechnical engineering, predominantly on civil infrastructure projects. He has been involved in a wide range of multi-disciplinary projects for clients such as Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Queensland, Local Governments (Councils), New Zealand Transport Agency, Wellington Water and GHD internal clients. Pramod's primary skills are in geotechnical investigation, design, construction support, project management, and business development. He specialises in shallow foundation design, deep foundation design (driven and bored piles, sheet pile, micropile etc.), soil nail and anchor design, slope stability analysis and design (embankments, cuts, natural slopes, slope failures), retaining structures design (RSS wall, gravity retaining wall, piled wall etc.), ground improvement (remove and replace, surcharging, wick drains, soil cement mixing, stone column etc.), liquefaction potential analysis and mitigation measure design, numerical modelling. Pramod possesses excellent geotechnical engineering problem solving skills, and has been published in a number of reputed journals and conferences.

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