Soil Testing

Construction Sciences is the industry leader in soils testing with the largest national network of NATA accredited laboratories for construction materials testing serviced by more than 950 staff including experienced and highly trained technicians. We specialise in providing prompt turnaround of large volumes of soil tests and are trusted by engineering and construction clients to deliver efficient and accurate results.

Our comprehensive soil testing services includes: compaction control (nuclear densometer, sand replacement, moisture density relationship, and Hilf), particle size distribution (PSD) and hydrometer, plasticity (LL, PL, PI), shrinkage (LS), California bearing ratio (CBR), unconfined compressive strength (UCS), dispersion (emerson), aggregate shape and strength tests, resistivity, direct shear, triaxial, permeability, panda, clegg, light weight deflectometer (LWFD). All soil preparation and sampling methods are provided in all facilities. Stabilised material methods are covered, as are pavement analysis methods such as Benkelman beam and texture depth.

We provide soil testing and other engineering support services for small and medium size residential, commercial and industrial developments, as well as large major transport, mining, and social infrastructure construction projects.

Our clients benefit from a streamlined experience, brought to life by our industry leading equipment resources, custom built laboratory information management software and quality reporting and results.

Contact your nearest Construction Sciences laboratory to discuss your project requirements.