Concrete Testing

Concrete testing is a critical process requirement for any construction project from residential through to large scale infrastructure projects. Concrete is comprised of cement, water, admixtures, and aggregates and variances in mixture ratios can alter the performance of the mix, as well as impacting production costs.

Construction Sciences has the largest national network of NATA accredited laboratories for concrete testing serviced by our experienced and highly trained technicians. Our technicians understand concrete testing and its contribution to structural integrity – a key reason why our teams are consistently engaged to work on larger projects. Leading engineering consultancies and construction contractors work together with Construction Sciences closely, to develop fit for purpose concrete mixes in the design phase, to ensure their major projects will be successful.

We offer the full suite of concrete, shotcrete, grout and mortar testing services to test and assess properties and performance including sampling, compressive strength, slump consistency, vebe, air content, setting time, fibre count, flexural strength, flexural toughness, permeability, bleed, indirect tensile (Brazil), shrinkage alkali reactivity and chloride and sulphate content, as well as trial mixes, mix design, and mixer uniformity.

We provide concrete testing and other engineering support services for small and medium size residential, commercial and industrial developments, as well as large major transport, mining, and social infrastructure construction projects. Our engineering and construction clients trust us to deliver efficient and accurate results and prompt turnaround of large volumes of concrete tests.

Our clients benefit from a streamlined experience, brought to life by our industry leading equipment resources, custom built laboratory information management software and quality reporting and results.

Contact your nearest Construction Sciences laboratory to discuss your project requirements.