Specialised Testing

Our Specialised Testing laboratory covers aggregate testing, acid sulfate soils testing and quarry materials assessment. If your project requires an unusual test method, contact the team to discuss your testing requirements.

With a national network of NATA accredited laboratories, we can efficiently coordinate sampling and shipping from your facilities to our laboratory. Our diverse scope of testing capabilities allows us to manage the testing of any construction material and confirm its compliance with the relevant standards.

Our Environmental Scientists provide a full range of investigation and management services including:

  • Acid sulfate soils testing
  • Chloride and sulfate content of concrete
  • Advanced soils and aggregate testing
  • Depth of carbonation testing on concrete core
  • Acid solubility of aggregate
  • pH of soil and aggregate
  • Electrical resistivity of soil and aggregate and erosion properties.

Acid Sulfate Soils Testing

Our Specialised Testing laboratory offers a full range of investigation and management services relating to acid sulfate soils issues for your project.

We can design and implement field sampling programs and our laboratory is capable of undertaking analytical testing in accordance with both the CRS and SPOCAS suites of testing.

We can provide factual reporting of test results or detailed Acid Sulfate Soils Management Plans, including advice on best practice processes tailored to the specific circumstances of your project.

Quarry Materials Assessment

Our Quarry Materials testing services cover a broad suite of test methods to assist in achieving a variety of compliance requirements. These include Quarry Registration Systems, individual tests for unique products, and regular compliance testing. Our testing services will ensure your products are always meeting the appropriate project specifications and comply with any relevant standards.

Specialist Concrete and Aggregate Testing

Our specialised testing facilities perform tests on concrete and aggregate samples not regularly offered by most materials testing facilities. Our services range from chloride ion permeability on hardened concrete samples through to electrochemical testing of aggregates and specialised material classification testing.