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Construction Sciences AGM

Last week saw the Construction Sciences management team hold its annual general meeting.

The event included departmental presentations, team building exercises and awards to best performing staff/areas of 2020.

Congratulations to all awardees:
2020 Business of the Year – Western Australia + South QLD/NZ
2020 Best Financial Management Business of the Year – WA
2020 Growth Award for Business Development – SA/VIC Country
2020 People and Culture Award – SA/VIC Country
2020 Most Improved Business of the Year – North QLD/NT
2020 Comply Quality Award – North QLD/NT
2020 Safety Icon Award – NSW North
2020 Business Support Provider of the Year Award – Gerard Courtney
2020 Area Administrator of the Year Award – Keeley Dickson
2020 Golden Shovel Award – Rhys Maskell
2020 Young Professional of the Year Award – Peter Sagner