Alamo Construction Sciences US Tour

Golden Shovel Award Winners 2022 US Tour

Winners of the Construction Sciences Golden Shovel Award recently completed their tour of the United States visiting partner company Raba Kistner‘s Texas operations in San Antonio and Austin.

The 2022 recipients for the Golden Shovel Award were Peter Sagner from the Geotechnical Engineering team in South East Queensland, and Mathew Tyrrell from the Gold Coast Management team.

Mathew and Peter enjoyed a personal tour of Raba Kistner’s ongoing Oak Hill Parkway Project in South Austin and also visited another project site – The Alamo in San Antonio.

The week long international experience was an opportunity to gain exposure to some of the largest civil infrastructure markets in the United States, whilst networking with like-minded industry professionals, and building knowledge of innovative industry practices.

Peter and Mathew had an amazing and unforgettable experience enjoying the hospitality of Raba Kistner team.

Main image: (L-R): Visiting one of Raba Kistner’s Project Sites at The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas (L-R): Eric Neuner P.E , Mathew Tyrrell, Peter Sagner; and Preston Parker, P.E. PMP Vice President.


Golden Shovel Award Winners Site Visit - Austin Infrastructure Visit

Photo (L-R): Dickson Graham, Devan Allred, P.E., Mathew Tyrrell, Peter Sagner and Russel Lenz on the site tour – Oak Hill Parkway Project.