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Inspiring Inclusion for International Women’s Day 2024

In celebration of International Women’s Day Friday 8 March 2024, Construction Sciences recognises and celebrates all the hard-working women within our company.

At Construction Sciences, we support gender equality and strive to create a diverse and inclusive working environment that offers opportunities for everyone. Women make up 17% of Construction Sciences’ workforce and we are proud of their contributions.

This year’s IWD theme, Inspire Inclusion, aims to forge a more inclusive world for women and in honour of this theme, we highlight one of our long-standing women employees, Deanne Towie, who has found a rewarding and successful career at Construction Sciences.

Based at our Gold Coast Laboratory, Deanne is a Senior Soil Technician who began her career with us in 2007. Deanne describes Construction Sciences as a company that focuses on creating successful careers for women through a nurturing and supportive environment.

View Deanne’s story below.