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National Safe Work Month: Life Saving Rules to Work Safely

In Australia, October marked the start of National Safe Work Month. This year the timing of Safe Work Month coincides with the introduction of Kiwa’s Safe Together program. For Construction Sciences (a member of the Kiwa Group), this program presents an opportunity to further instill our commitment to safety as we strive for continuous improvement. 

The Safe Together program includes a set of Life Saving Rules representing the key risks our staff face, a reminder of all staff’s authority to stop work if something is unsafe, and to assess the risk of each task before commencing work.

One of these Life Saving Rules is to “Always drive safely” and for all employees to be aware of the expectations when driving and potential risks.

While these principles are already well-known to our staff, we are enthusiastic about reinforcing our safety training and program, particularly during Safe Work Month, with events and information sessions focused on safety.

For everyone’s safety, work safely. #SafeWorkMonth