south flank image
south flank image

South Flank Bulk Earthworks (MAC)

Client/s: CPB, Ertech, Holcim

Location: Pilbara Region, WA

Services: Earthworks CMT

Construction Sciences Unit:
Bunbury CMT and Professional Services

Project Description:

The South Flank Bulk Earthworks project was developed as an opportunity for BHP Iron Ore to optimise and expand their mining operations. Implementation of this additional South Flank to Mining Area C (MAC) aims to alleviate strain on nearby mines in the area.

South Flank will see the single largest annual production of iron ore for the BHP mine, and will subsequently become one of the world’s largest iron ore operations. It will also integrate the latest advances in autonomous-ready fleets, digital connectivity and modular design.


Our Role:

Construction Sciences Western Australia has proudly been successful in the award of the Materials Testing contracts for three primary works packages at the site. These works include Soil, Earthworks, Aggregates, Concrete, Grout and Geotechnical Engineering, for major clients such as CPB, Ertech and Holcim.

To assist in the Materials Testing, custom site labs were designed and built for each client: a three-person lab was established for Holcim and a larger lab complex put in place for CPB. A team of up to 14 technicians will operate this higher-volume lab with additional support available from the Bunbury laboratory as needed.