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Reebok Rippas Rallying to Raise Funds for Cancer Research

Construction Sciences IT Leader Ashley Neal and his stepbrother Lachlan are set to embark on an epic journey for a very important cause by driving the “Reebok Rippas” Nissan Pulsar, from Newcastle to Townsville from 12-20 May 2023 to raise funds for the Cancer Council.

Construction Sciences and partner company SureSearch are proudly sponsoring the Reebok Rippas rally car entry as they embark on their journey north.

According to Ashley, the step brothers are teaming up together to take part in the Shitbox Rally 2023 Autumn event. We will be with all other teams driving our shitboxes from Newcastle, New South Wales  via the Diamantina to Townsville, Queensland.

“Having previously done the rally we know there is a lot of good times and work that is needed to get us to the starting line – we both believe in the cause as we have loved ones who have and are being affected by cancer, so please give freely and help the Cancer Council assist research and grants to finding cures and treatments,” Ashley said.

Shitbox Rally is the largest community lead fundraiser for the Cancer Council in Australia and is now in its 13th year. Part of the participation is that all teams have to raise a minimum of $5,000 but most teams raise well above this amount with the 2023 Autumn rally target set at $2,000,000.

The Reeboks Rippas initially set a goal to raise $10,000 for the Cancer Council in this Autumn 2023 Rally, and have already raised more than $11,295!

​​​​​​​Total funds raised by the Reebok Rippas for cancer research through sponsorship and the support of friends and family:

2019 – $9,545

2020 – $2,921

2023 – $11,295 …. and still funding

To contribute to this important cause – visit the Reebok Rippas donation page.

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